5 reasons why Google Chrome is now the benchmark for browsers

In the short time since it was first released, Google Chrome has grown to become the browser of choice for millions of people across the world. Personally, it is now my primary browser. I love (or used to love) Firefox, but Google Chrome I believe, is now the benchmark for browsers due to the following 5 reasons
Thanks to its sandboxing technology, different tabs are treated as isolated processes that are independent of the others. This makes it very difficult for malicious web pages to try to install any poison on your machine. It is worthy of note that in a recent hacker contest, Google Chrome was the only browser that was not successfully hacked by the contestants. This is the second year running that the browser has achieved this feat. Of course there are other security features built in by Google that makes it more secure relative to the others.
Google Chrome is fast. And I mean very fast. In terms of speed, it is the fastest browser out there, both in page loading and in starting up. 
I cannot say Google has a Midas touch but to have Google being the owner of the browser is itself enough to make it a benchmark. Given the vast array of applications that Google owns, there is no doubt that it has built the browser to run web apps as fast and efficiently as possible.  
Google Chrome is as simple as an application can get. Fire up the browser and you have as much of your screen as  possible to view your web pages, which is the very reason why you started the browser in the first place. The browser barely stands in your way. No menus or tabs to distract you. Firefox especially will do itself some great favor by copying this approach as Opera has just done
Built for the web of today
Google Chrome is the only post web 2.0 browser out there. All the other browsers were built during the time the web was just filled with a bunch of static HTML pages. Today, virtually everything we run in a browser is one form of application or the other. Like I said earlier, Chrome has been built from scratch to run these applications as efficiently as possible. I hardly get it going down because I have opened too many high ended sites at once. The ease with which Chrome runs web apps really sets it apart from the others. 
There sure are other factors that make Google Chrome stand out today amongst its peers as the best browser out there. It may not have the vast array of plugins that Firefox enjoys and yes this may be a setback for anyone who has developed their own ecosystem of plugins. But, given the speed with which plugins are being churned out for Chrome, it may not take long for it to be at par with Firefox in that regard.

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  1. Uhm Cath, you know I never knew it was closed source after "the Google-authored portion of Chromium is released under the permissive BSD license, which allows portions to be incorporated into both open source and proprietary software programs. Other portions of the source code are subject to a variety of open-source licenses."

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