The Linux Alphabet

We’ve already been talking about the number of Linux distributions, and the cost, in terms of confusion that so much freedom can bring. Today I’d like to see the distributions number with a little of humor: I often wondered if the Linux distributions names could cover the whole alphabet and be used as sort of “spelling alphabet”. The answer is … “Yes we can!” here is my personal list compiled after a little research on site.

A Arch Linux
B BackTrack
C CentOs
D Debian
E EasyPeasy
F Fedora
G Gentoo Linux
H Hymera
I Igelle
J Jolicloud
L Linux
M Mandriva
N Nova
P Puppy Linux
Q Qimo 4 Kids
R Red Hat
S Slackwere
T Tiny Core Linux
U Ubuntu
V VectorLinux
W wattOS
X Xubuntu
Y Yellow Dog Linux
Z Zenwalk Linux

As I said it’s just a way to make a little of humor on our favorite operating system (and also a mean to know some less famous distribution) so do not take it too seriously and if your favorite distribution is missing feel free to change it. Yours Mandriva – Arch – Xubuntu – Xubuntu.

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