OSDD Network- Open Source as it applies to the field of medicine

Though generally associated with software, the concept of Open Source stretches beyond that. The Open Source Drug Discovery Network is “CSIR Team India Consortium with Global Partnership with a vision to provide affordable healthcare to the developing world by providing a global platform where the best minds can collaborate & collectively endeavor to solve the complex problems associated with discovering novel therapies for neglected tropical diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leshmaniasis, etc.
“The success of Open Source models in Information Technology (For e.g., Web Technology, The Linux Operating System) and Biotechnology (For e.g., Human Genome Sequencing) sectors highlights the urgent need to initiate a similar model in healthcare, i.e., an Open Source model for Drug Discovery.”
For a long time, I have been very much convinced that the Open Source development model has a very, very big role to play in the development of Africa and other undeveloped parts of the world. To me, Open Source is more than just an ideology or dogma, it is a means via which the lives of people, and I mean real humans can be positively affected.
This OSDD project, will be a great welcome news to thousands of people who needlessly die or suffer from diseases that have been eradicated from the developed parts of the world. Most of the drugs that are used to treat some of the above mentioned diseases are no longer effective. The OSDD, via the power or Open Source will seek to find new ones to help save lives.

There are several ways to get involved with this project and contribute. Should you ever need to explain the concept of Open Source to someone again, do not forget to use the OSDD network as an example.

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