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Gaming can sometimes be a make or break affair for most people that would like to give Linux a try. There are lots of free, world class games that run natively and via WINE on Linux. However, there are times when you just cannot get the game you want, even though you are willing to pay for it. 
Well if you are such person, then Tux Games should be of interest to you. Tux Games is an online store that features a wide assortment of games for the Linux platform. Some of the games available are X3: Reunion, Majesty Gold, Prey, Creatures- Internet Edition among others. They have all the gaming genres covered: action, strategy, role playing, FPS, arcade, sports, puzzle and more (some of the genres are yet to be filled with games though).
What caught my interest about Tux Games is how they seek to promote game developers who want to sell their wares. The terms under which they would list your game looks fair to me and thus I recommend it to any developer who has an interest in selling their game.
All in all, Tux Games is a nice idea and concept in my opinion that is worth considering. Developers (ie those who want to sell their games) get to make some money while you also get to play the games that are not otherwise available for free out there. Looks like a win- win situation to me. What do you think?
Edit: In case you are wondering, this is not an affiliate promotion. I am not an affiliate whatsoever of Tux Games. This post is based solely on the premise that you may find some games there useful for your playing pleasure. One caveat though, the site does not look nice, honestly speaking. The developers could do with some refinements of the color scheme and overall design.

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