The Ubuntu Software Center- An under utilized asset?

Sometime back I had talked about another use to which the Ubuntu Software Center can be used to help fund app developers. I probably did not articulate my thoughts well so maybe reechoing it here will do some good.

The USC as it is in Lucid is really great. Well polished, nicely categorized and above all easy to navigate. However, don’t you think there is still one thing missing? Look up an application and it comes up with brief descriptions of what it does. Then you have a place there that tells you the price (in all cases that I have seen, FREE). 

One thing that baffles me is, when you go to the official sites of virtually all the applications, you have small Paypal icons there that entreat you to donate to support the continued development of the application. Now since most of the end users are not likely to go the sites to download these applications, why not follow them with these appeals?

If there is a price tag in the USC that states that application X is free, then I strongly suggest right next to the FREE price, there should be a way for users to be able to donate to support the developers. Price free, but you can donate right from the comfort of the USC. Developers get supported, end users are are also given a of way of contributing to the applications they enjoy using. Win-win situation.  

Open Source I believe goes both ways. As we enjoy the great and freely available applications that are the labor of thousands of individuals who also have bills to pay, we should also be more than eager to contribute to their support in our own small ways. In this regard, the Ubuntu Software Center could be used for more than it is now. What do you think?

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