Yoono- Spice up and organize your social media life

Among the dozens of desktop applications available to manage our very ‘busy’ and sometimes chaotic social media lives, Yoono really stands out tall in my life. It is a cross platform, resource efficient desktop application that has everything you may need to get stuff done right.
With this application, staying connected and sharing stuff with friends on the various social media networks is a breeze. It supports Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Flickr and MySpace. Some of those networks also support multiple accounts. 
With Yoono, you can have updates to all your social media accounts arranged in a columnar form for easy viewing and organizing. You can also choose to have all your updates from all your social media accounts in one tab (my killer feature of the app). Post your updates to all your networks or just choose those you want, it’s up to you. Sharing stuff like links, pictures and videos with friends across all the networks is also a blinking act.
Do IMing with friends from different networks in one tab or window, a feature they call unified instant messaging. For Twitter lovers, it supports all the usual features like RT, @replies among others. It also provides you with real time updates and search to make sure you are always up to speed with the latest in your social world. It also has a range of extensive options for each account to make sure things are laid out exactly the way you want.
There best way to actually get a feel of this Yoono is to give it a try. It’s just 12MB and available for all three platforms. In case you are not the desktop type, Yoono also has Firefox addon (which we took a brief look at yesterday) that plays the role of the desktop right in your browser. So if you are like me and had been searching for an app to manage your social media life, Yoono is what I’ll strongly recommend to you.

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