Apture- Digitizing the art of story telling

The art of story telling, which has been all but consumed and replaced by the term ‘blogging’ is a very interesting and satisfying art. However, it can also be very challenging in terms of coming out with credible stories from various sources in an era of information overload. That is where Apture comes in.
If you are a regular on this blog, you might have noted how easily different media are embedded in our posts. Check this post out. What Apture does is to make the adding of different forms of media to your story from different sources- Twitter, YouTube, Flikr and a host of others- easy and in a way that helps to keep readers longer on your site.
With the introduction of the awesome Apture Search Bar (which you can see in action just under your address bar by scrolling down this page), your site just got upgraded to ‘web 2.0 compliant.’ It has really helped increase the number of shares that stories on this blog enjoy, aside from the giving readers the ability to search for real time information about anything both on this site and across the web, from sources such as Twitter.
The search bar also helps brand your site with its customization options as it has been used on this site. If you have not installed Apture yet on your site, I seriously recommend you do. It is free (unless you make millions of hits) and available for all popular platforms. Another good thing Apture is how it easily helps you make very relevant Amazon recommendations to your users in the context of your story. Need I say more to convince you/

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