CSSDesk- A handy tool for beginner web designers

If you are a beginner to web designing, you will welcome every single tool that will make life easier for you right? Then say hello to CSSDesk. This is a handy WYSIWYG tool that gives you a real time display of how your code looks like as you type.
There is a handy pane on the left that is divided into the the HTML part and the CSS part. You also have the option of downloading your code onto your local hard drive or sharing it with others via a handy short link that is automatically created when you click share. 
You can also change the background of your CSSDesk to suit your taste. It is a very handy tool that will go a long way to help newbie web designers hit the ground running. One thing though that I think is missing is a real time collaboration feature. That would make this tool a real jewel for many people.

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