The Economist To Go Open Source

The world renowned Economist Magazine is migrating its infrastructure from proprietary to an Open Source stack. According to this blog post on Launchpad, The Economist is migrating its existing stack “from Coldfusion/Oracle to a LAMP stack running Drupal,” says Mark Theunissen from the Economist Group.
He also adds that “there‚Äôs a migration and synchronization process happening in the background between Oracle and MySQL.” The Economist now runs almost entirely on Open Source: Red Hat Ent Linux, MySQL, PHP5, a Drupal spin-off called Pressflow, Memcached among others.
This seems to be an exciting time for the folks over at the Economist looking at the level of enthusiasm in his interview with the Lauchpad which they also chose for “its usability, mostly the workflow around reviewing code (merge proposals).”
This sounds great for the Open Source community, but what is now baffling me is what happens to MySQL which is now owned by Oracle, the very database vendor from which the Economist has just migrated. What do you think?
Thanks to Mathew Helmke for sharing the Launchpad post.

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