[FOSS SAT] A round up of FOSS stories you may have missed from across the web

As part of a new set of schedule we are rolling out on Ghabuntu, we present to you FOSS Friday, where we bring to you round up of Free and Open Source related stories from across the web that were exciting but you may have missed.
Microsoft, Education, Children and FOSS
Over at Techrights, @schestowitz takes an in depth look at how Microsoft is using the Gates Foundation to help solidify the the former’s push to get young minds saturated with more Windows gas.
He writes “this article goes beyond the issue of schooling and more into colonization of areas like Africa…there is nothing wrong with feeding people and helping education, but the way this is done here is self-enriching and self-serving” You can continue with his insightful and detailed post here.
Freedom vs. The Cloud Log
Over at H-Online, @glynmoddy (yes author of the Rebel Code) talks to Eben Moglen, who is a former counsel for the FSF about privacy, the cloud open source.
He begins “free software has won: practically all of the biggest and most exciting Web companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter run on it. But it is also in danger of losing, because those same services now represent a huge threat to our freedom as a result of the vast stores of information they hold about us, and the in-depth surveillance that implies.” You can continue reading here.
Over a hundred schools using open source in Finland 
Gijs Hillenius over at Osor.eu reports about the use of FOSS in over 100 Finnish schools.
He writes the School of Kasavuori in Kauniainen hosted a conference on its IT use last month. Next to using Ubuntu Linux, the school uses various open source web-based applications that are integrated with the school’s user database and other systems, such as Moodle and a wiki. You can read the full story here.

Going Green with Open Source: The West vs the rest of the World

Over at the Opentechexchange, @Opentechdiva takes a look at how advanced countries are contributing to the e-waste menace in developing parts of the world and what role FOSS has to play in mitigating it.
She writes “a combination of hype marketing by PC manufacturers, the fast churn of new components, and OS’s that require increasingly more resources lead to high consumer  purchasing.  As well, a lack of knowledge leads people to buy computers that have 10 times the resources they will ever need to simply web browse, send email or modify photos.” Continue reading here
Open Source: OpenOffice.org We Have a Problem
Gene of eComStation writes about problems he encountered in getting OO.org working on a client’s project. 
He writes “no, I am not a programmer and I do not have time to become one, so suggestions that I fix it myself are not welcome. This is true of the greater majority of software end-users.”  Continue reading here.

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