Another intuitive way to collaborate in real time

After Google bought AppJet, the company behind the real time collaboration platform iEtherpad, we’ve seen a couple of others spring up as alternatives. is one such alternatives that seeks to set itself apart.
For starters, it has an intuitive interface and looks much polished. It is also easy to start a new note. No sign up whatsoever. Just hit ‘Create a new public note’ and get going, a feature that is common to all such platforms.
What however blew me away with is how easy it makes it to share your notes with friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Del.ici.ous, Digg, and via email. It also features the usual export feature that allows you to export your note as HTML, plain text or as a bookmark.
There is also a Adobe Air desktop app “that is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and has enhanced features for Pro users. The desktop client lets users create new notes and launch notes directly from their desktop. All in all, is another cool tool you can take a look at next time you need to work collaboratively with friends and colleagues.

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