Turn Google Chrome Tabs to an Ubuntu Hub

If you are using Google Chrome on Ubuntu, then having this extension will help you be more productive with your OS and also easier to navigate the maze called Ubuntu Forums. 
When you install it, any new tab you open up in Google Chrome has a neatly arranged array of the various subforums of the Ubuntu Forums, in addition to the latest Linux submissions on Digg, the latest stories from Webup8, OMG Ubuntu, Tombuntu and Ubuntu Geek, all of them changeable of course. 
There is also a feature that lets you browse the latest wallpapers from Desktop Nexus. There is also the option of setting your favorite sites right in the tab for quick access. Installing the extension and opening a new tab will look like the image below
Image credits The How To Geek
It also comes with links to AllmyApps, Linux App Finder, GetDeb, Icewalkers, WINE HQ and Sourceforge. This extension is really a handy tool to have on your browser if you are using both Google Chrome and Ubuntu.

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