Want an iPad? Get the Joojoo instead!

You love the iPad and cannot wait to have one in your hands right?  Forget it! Go for a JooJoo instead. At a price of $359, you will be glad you did. For starters, it boots at 9 seconds. Can someone say fast please. Thanks! With a 12.1 inch capacitive touch screen, the web just got bigger and clearer.
Then there is multi-tasking. Yes. You can do more than one thing at a time on the JooJoo. Browse and listen to music simultaneously. It’s up to you. It also supports high-def videos out of the box. Watch your favorite videos on the device in crystal clear high definition using the JooJoo player.
It comes with built in camera, USB port, 4GB SSD, Intel 1.6 Ghz, Nvidia Ion Graphics card and weighs 1.1KG. Impressive right? However, it bears two similarities with the Apple iPad: it has no physical keyboard, neither can one remove the battery. 
The first I’m ok with, the second similarity I think is really foolish. I want to be able to change the battery of what I BUY. 
The JooJoo also spots a Bluetooth 2.1 EDR technology and Wifi (802.11 b/g/b). You can take a look at the full specs and make the comparison yourself. And finally, the JooJoo boasts of having the largest app store in the world. It is called the internet. No more lock down to one particular app store. Seek whatever app you want and install it. 
So what do you think of the JooJoo? Would you rather still use an iPad? What do you like or dislike about both devices? Share your thoughts!

4 Replies to “Want an iPad? Get the Joojoo instead!”

  1. Thre are a lot of viable alternatives to Apple-locked products. I only hope they hit the market because they cant rely on a group of fans that buy every overpriced thing produced like Apple has

  2. Yea Maxx. It seems Apple is rather a great marketing company than a tech one seeing how they succeed at selling mostly boxed down bricks to people.

  3. And they said that Apple released a product that was cheap. 350$? If its 350eu in my region, I will get one! Doesn't matter if the battery is not changable, i'll just buy a new one xD

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