What really makes a better browser?

With the recent fierce competition among the various browsers, I am actually left wondering what makes a browser the best of the lot. We have Opera describing itself as the fastest on Earth, Google also making waves lately with the beta release of Chrome for all platforms, I am left wondering whether speed is really the only benchmark for measuring a browser.
If you are a regular on this blog, you probably know I have switched to Google Chrome as my primary browser, though I still use Firefox for some tasks. The reason for using Firefox? Because of the ecosystem of addons I have built around the browser which is impossible with Google Chrome.
I use only a handful, but find myself not able to live without. Google Chrome also starts way faster than Firefox but with less of the addons as compared to the latter. Then too does all the noise about speed take into account the network latency on which one is?
With all of the hype surrounding the release of every browser, I am left wondering what really makes one better taking all factors into consideration?

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