3 questions for Apple and HTML5

There has been a lot of activity from Apple Inc in terms of HTML5. Essentially the company has suddenly become a passionate advocate of the upcoming standard that is set to replace the proprietary Flash.
This looks very interesting in the sense that Apple being the most closed company on Earth- compare its iPad with this alternative– preaches about “web standards [that] are open, reliable, highly secure, and efficient.” I just have three questions to ask about this new found Steve Jobs evangelism
1. Is Apple promoting HTML5 because it seriously believes in it or because of its row with Adobe?
2. Sure HTML5 is really cool and can do loads of things that Flash can, but should we wake up tomorrow and realize there is nothing like Flash, can HTML5 fill in the void without us feeling the absence of the Flash?
3. What is Steve Jobs’s understanding of an open web?
I find it very interesting how suddenly Flash is the devil’s incarnate. Sure it is as unsafe as the other OS out there. Heck, Adobe has warned just last week about a zero-day flaw in both Flash and its PDF reader. But it is also nice remember that it has given us a very enriched internet experience, without which I doubt most of us would spend as much time online as we do.
Finally, if Apple wants to be taken seriously about its supposed love for HTML5 and an open web standard, I’d expect them to let me be able to take a look at their HTML5 demo without telling me “if you’d like to experience this demo, simply download Safari. It’s free for Mac and PC, and it only takes a few minutes.” So as a Linux user, count me out!

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