Can we get a break from the iPad number crunching please?

“The iPad is selling XYZ units per ABC…,” and so what? I really am at the point of getting sickened with all the iPad counting frenzy going on in some quarters of the web. Come on folks, there’s over 2 billion people on that information super highway. 
And mind you, there are 6 continents that make up this world. So if the iHype is making some “pretty impressive” sales in North America and some parts of Europe, the rest of us still want to read news other than how much is being added to the Apple bottom line. 
Sure it is nice to see such a “revolutionary” slab that will change the way we read e-books and consume even more data from the iTunes store. But that is for those that are in the Apple hype bandwagon. There is still more of us that will rather use something we can for now, play Farmville with.

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  1. Paid press means nothing. And besides, a DRM laden gadget like that will entertain until people realize they will have to continuously buy content to it. IMHO, it's a big #fail that PR is making a "hit".

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