A cult called Apple

Steve Jobs no doubt is the most charismatic business person on Earth today. He is the man that made the world go crazy over an MP3 player, supposedly defined what smartphones are, again is being credited (wrongly?) with defining what tablets are and now he’s out with the iPhone 4.
People lined up all over Apple stores to lay their hands on the new, groundbreaking, unprecedented iPhone 4 that comes with front facing cameras, record videos in HD and can multitask. The iPhone 4 however, is not all rosy this time around.
For some technical miscalculations, users are unable to get a good cellular reception when the phone is gripped in a certain way. When the complaints got to Steve Jobs, his reply was simply to “either hold it the way I’m showing you or get the case”. Only problem is, the case comes at a damage of $29. Phew.
I have been wondering a lot with all the massive publicity that Apple gets and the range of products it releases whether it is more of a cult than a company. Apple almost always releases completely locked down products with features that other competing products have had long before it and yet you have its users (I’m talking to you fanboys) applauding it incessantly.
Most features in the iPhone 4 have been around on most Nokia handsets from long ago. I find it very amusing that Apple will tout a feature like multitasking as something new on its devices. How were iPhone users coping without multitasking?
The cult of Apple though, has been a good thing for Android (Linux for that matter). With the rate at which Android devices are flying off the shelves, it’s only a matter of time before iPhone users get compelled to give them a try. It’s also not bad to note that an iPhone wishlist almost always looks like an Android feature list.
I sure like the enthusiasm of Apple’s customers. But it really would be nice if they started demanding for more features and real innovation instead of being happy to be cuddled with old features by Stevie.

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  1. Apple used to make computers for artsy types. And I used to use them.

    But when the first iPhone came out there was so much wrong with it that I couldn't buy into the hype. It made me re-think OS X, iTunes et al and eventually got me to switch to Linux.

    So Apple deserves a bit of credit for that, at least ; )

  2. Mac-things users and i-things user are almost two different species …

    When talking of Macs advanteges their users talk about things like security and hardware reliability while from i-things users I always hear about things like "experience of use" and "feelings" …

    by the way there are cults and gurus more dangerous than i-things and Steve Jobs

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