ExtensionFM- A revolutionary Google Chrome extension for music lovers

For music lovers, nothing beats an easy way to locate and download free MP3 files while you surf the internet. ExtensionFM for Google Chrome does exactly that. While you wander around the internet, it sits quietly in the background and catalogs all links to MP3 music that you come across.
Clicking on the ExtensionFM icon in the far right of your address bar opens it in a new tab with a beautiful interface just like any other music player. It has two tabs in the upper left corner namely Queue and Library. The queue tab comprises songs you are currently streaming (right in your browser) and the library tab contains links to all free MP3 files you stumbled upon during your internet surfing activity.
You also have the option of creating an account, a process that takes less than a minute and requires no email confirmation to have your lists and everything synchronized across multiple computers. At any given time, a cursory look at the extension icon tells you how many MP3 files the addon has gathered and are available to you for download.
This extension is way too cool for me to amply describe here. The best way to take it for a spin is to have it installed. You’d be more than happy you did. I also do believe that this extension gives us a sneak peak at how Google is going to handle music streaming in its up coming Chrome OS. It’s also worth knowing that native support for PDF files is coming to Chrome very soon.

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