[FOSS Friday] A roundup of FOSS stories you missed from across the web

With the end of the week, we take a look at interesting FOSS stories from around the web that you may have missed.
Ubuntu 10.04 vs Fedora 13
Linux User and Developer had this comparison of the latest releases from the Ubuntu and Fedora Projects. They write “whereas Canonical pursues OEM deals with Ubuntu LTS releases, Fedora has an approximate 13-month shelf life, after which the project consigns the release to the end-of-life bin.”  Continue reading.
Three Floppy based Linux distros
Motho ke motho ka botho takes a look at three Linux distros that can be run from floppy disks. He writes “I can vouch for two or three as possibilities though, if you’re working with hardware that is terrifically old, or extremely underpowered. Usually these are offered as solutions to machines with very, very little memory (4Mb or 8Mb) , and if that’s the case they will probably be lifesavers.” Continue reading.
An Auto Company Zips Along the Fast Lane with FOSS
Linux for U had this piece on how an auto company was using FOSS to realize cost benefits. He writes “the simplicity in managing the infrastructure, scalability and performance compatibility of the SAP business suite and HP ProLiant servers,  coupled with low cost solutions, led to the decision to go for open source technology.’ Continue reading 
15 minutes with an iPad.
Open Attitude had this article on his brief (15 min) experience with the latest tech craze from Apple, the iPad. He writes “as a glorified clipboard I don’t really see how it’s better than the Tablet PCs that have been on the market since 2002. Yes, they require the use of a stylus (gasp!), but they also have handwriting recognition — something else the iPad sorely needs.” Continue reading 
Women Who Tech in Open Source
Opentechdiva had this write up about sexism in the FOSS world, especially towards non-developers. She writes “I tend to agree with the NY Times article that some woman tend to migrate to the human side of IT. Not that we are here to be the mothers/nurturers of the team, but I chose to work with the end users of OSS instead of developing code” Continue reading 
Does the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Get the Web?
Glyn Moody over at Open had this piece on the T&C of the site of the Gates Foundation. He writes “unpicking the complex weft and weave of philanthropy and self-interest at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would require an entire book (and no, don’t worry, I won’t be writing it).” Continue reading

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