The Google Chrome bookmarks sync really sucks!

Google Chrome now ships with a bookmark synchronization feature that keeps your bookmarks and preferences in sync across various computers on which you have the browser installed. This feature would have been really cool if it were anywhere near Firefox’s Sync or Weave feature.
With the latter, all your history, passwords, bookmarks, form data and everything is synced. Get to another computer with Firefox running (with the Weave addon of course) and you need not type much to get going.
Not so the Chrome bookmark sync. All it does is sync my bookmarks, preferences and theme. I can do all those. I want to have my history and other stuff synced as well Google! I don’t like to retype all my passwords and usernames again. Just follow me with my browsing history including my tabs!
It is well known my recent sour affair with Firefox as I ranted here, here and here, but this feature still stands unrivaled and unbeaten. Google Chrome is still my primary browser both at home and the office. But it really would be nice to have more features added to the bookmark sync than what Google currently gives us.

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