Goosh- the unofficial Google shell

For power users, the shell (or command line interface) is their computer. If you are one such people, then Goosh should be of interest to you. If you have used the Linux command line before, then just picture that, only this time, your queries return a Google result.
It really to me is a great tool to help break the phobia of people with regards to the Linux terminal. It also has the bare bones interface in case you are not so impressed with the increasing pace at which Google is doing away with its Spartan interface. 

Goosh is also “open source under the Artistic License/GPL.” Not being Google directly, I am not so sure that the big G is able to gather your data as it would if you were on their site. If you are a terminal phobic, Goosh is a good place to get a feel of what it is like issue commands: only this time your commands are your search queries.

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