How ready is your browser for HTML5- Take the test

HTML5 is the second most buzzed word around I think, second only to the Hypepad. In case you’re wondering whether your current browser is compatible with it or not, a simple tool to help you determine this is the HTML5 test tool
Simply hop onto the site and you will have a detailed report of how ready your browser currently is for HTML5 with an overall score of 160. I tried it and Chrome scored 142, Firefox had 101 and Midori scored 138 (quite impressive I’d say).
What was your browser score?
Thanks to @niyyi.

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  1. Flash is not going anywhere today or tomorrow. Sure HTML5 is cool and not proprietary like Flash. But the million dollar questions are

    1. If we wake up tomorrow and realize there is nothing like Flash, can HTML5 fill in the void?

    2. Is Apple touting Flash because it believes in it or because of its row with Adobe?

    If Apple wants me to believe they are serious about HTML5, the best they could have done was not to limit their recent HTML5 demo to the Safari browser only. That only smells rat for me.

    Also lets not forget that Google is now shipping Chrome preinstalled with Flash. Chrome is going to be the basis of the Chrome OS. That alone tells enough about the future of Flash

  2. Opera 10.60 on linux (latest weekly snapshot) 107/160.

    However, please note which browser scores better on which part of the test.

    For example, Opera has high scores on canvas, audio, video and forms but lower scores on geolocation, workers, etc.

    I think it is much more important to have canvas, forms and audio/video than have geolocation or workers.

    What I am want to say is that some browsers with high scores may show a HTML5 webpage more crippled than others with lower overall score but higher interface score.

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