Keepmeout!- An easy way to break your addiction to a site

All of us have sites that we frequent too often at any given time, some to the detriment of our other commitments. Keepmeout! is a simple tool to help you control the number of times you visit these sites.
All you have to do is
1. Enter the URL of the site you want to control your visits to
2. Choose a duration within which you should not visit the site more than once.
3. Hit enter.
Keepmeout! will then return a URL that you will be asked to bookmark. That’s it. Next time you want to visit that particular site you chose in step one, just use the URL you bookmarked. If in step 2 you chose say 45minutes, trying to visit that site more than once will result in this message
You’d have to then wait for 45 minutes before you can visit the site again. Nice little tool to keep you in check. Try it out and tell us what you think.

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