Microsoft spreading Internet Explorer in Africa under new guise!

“Ghanaian based internet service provider, BusyInternet, and Microsoft Anglophone West Africa (MAWA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide internet users with modern software security.
“The software, known as Microsoft Internet Explorer Eight (IE8), enables users to take full control over who can and cannot track their activities, ensure adequate peace and security; and provide regular update of personal information.”
The above quote is from a news article that I sighted on Myjoyonline, Ghana‘s leading news site. After being beaten by the relatively under funded Firefox over the last 5 years, Microsoft is now turning to Africa, a rapidly growing internet market to salvage its once formidable window to the net.
It is very interesting to see how suddenly IE is no longer a browser but a “security software [that is] the latest internet protective technology developed by Microsoft that enables computer users to access [the] internet for a range of activities.” I see.
Other than the blatant lies, I feel somehow offended by this new Microsoft tactic. I am not a geek, a coder, or have any formal qualification in IT. But I can still tell the difference between what is a browser and what is a “security software” as an African. Microsoft seems to be capitalizing on some archaic premise that Africans are relatively “noobs” to IT and thus it can just throw dust into our eyes.
Firefox to the best of my knowledge is a formidable force here, and for Microsoft to make any gains , it has resorted to its traditional obfuscation strategies. Will it succeed this time around? 

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