The Nokia Point and Find- Add more usefulness to your phone

Unlike in North America where the iPhone is the dominant player, in most parts of the world Nokia still rules. A few hours ago I had an email from the Nokia Ovi service (I’m on the mailing list) introducing me to the Point and Find Application.
It is a really cool application that could make using one’s Nokia phone more fun and useful at the same time. Basically what it does is you point your mobile device’s camera at a landmark or barcode and receive immediate information such as descriptions, phone numbers and reviews, no typing required. 
With Point and Click, you can get instant information about restaurants, landmarks, scan barcodes to get product reviews and price comparison, tag your favorite locations and more. There is also a “growing database of user-generated and third-party content” to add to the mix. 
The best thing about the Nokia Point and Click is that it is free and available worldwide for download to compatible versions. If you have a compatible phone, just give this application a try and tell us what you think. 
Before the iUsers jump on to lambaste me about how there is an app for that, please know I am not doing any comparisons whatsoever. I just saw an application that I think may be of interest to Nokia users.

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