Privnote- A simple way to send longer messages on Twitter

I have become somewhat a power [meaning I spend a lot of time there] Twitter user for sometime now, and I really love it. One thing however, that still irks using Twitter is the 140 character limit. Privnote now makes sending longer messages easier. It’s simple.
Hop onto the site, write you message or note, click submit, get the URL and send that to your recipient. The message self destructs after your recipient has read it. As simple as that. Best of all, it’s free, no need to register whatsoever. You don’t need any email address for anything.
It is also ideal for sending private messages since the URL you send can only be used once, meaning even the recipient cannot use it twice. So next time you want to send me (or anyone else) a message on Twitter and the 140 character limit does not cut it, then try Privnote.

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