So Microsoft has always been in bed with hackers?

“When it comes to security, even hackers admit we’re doing a better job making our products more secure than anyone elseBrandon LeBlanc of Microsoft.
I find the above quote both interesting and serious at the same time. The blog post linked to above is a Microsoft rebuttal of claims that Google is shifting from MS Windows to Mac and Linux given the insecurity of the Redmond cash cow. 
Brandon claims in the blog post that they are doing a lot in terms of security so much that even hackers attest to the fact. The hackers attestation in the blog post links to a long article on C-Net about “the quick rise of a teen hacker.” 
The entire blog post raises just three questions in my mind: 
1. So is Microsoft implicitly conceding that in the past hackers used to have a field day?
2. Why has it taken them so long to now be taking security related risks “seriously?”
3. Who are the “anyone else” Brandon refers to? Perhaps Apple or the Penguin?
Maybe you could help me answer?
Thanks to Mashable for the original story.

4 Replies to “So Microsoft has always been in bed with hackers?”

  1. Toward the end, they made a list of things MS did for security. I'd defend by saying that Linux does some of them too. For example, ASLR is in Linux too, though more limited than Windows, because while Windows uses relocations, Linux require code to be compiled as PIC to get ASLR protection for executables, and in most Linux distros, only a few executables are compiled that way.

  2. Sorry, my brain is not capable of the "Glen Beck" style mental gymnastics required to believe Brandon's statement proves Microsoft is in cooperating with hackers.

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