Top 5 ways to follow the 2010 World Cup on the go

The entire African continent is in a state of excitement with the kick off of the FIFA World cup being hosted by South Africa. Not of us can be by our sets when our favorite teams play. If you are such person, take heart. The following are 5 ways to follow the World Cup as it happens
The name says it all. Livescores auto-refreshes recurrently and updates you in real time about the progress of the match with all statistics and text commentary.
Google has just published a blog post on how you can follow the tournament via their various outlets. The official Google World Cup site has the details on how to keep up with us here in Africa while you are away from your set.
This is more the commentary of the masses. This is a special Twitter site with real time updates from people all over the world about the tournament. It is rather interesting to see the rants of people about their teams and more. There is also the staff picks site for more fun stuff from Twitter about the World Cup.
Footiefox Firefox addon
Yes you guessed right. There is an addon for that. Footiefox brings the action on the pitch to your browser status bar. You choose your configurations to your taste and Footiefox does the rest for you, displaying real time updates in your browser’s status bar as the action happens.
This site also has a really impressive coverage of the World Cup with in depth analysis of all 32 countries, player profiles and professional commentaries from seasoned sports journalists.
These are the 5 ways I’m keeping up with this historic tournament when I am away from my TV set. How are you keeping up with it?

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