Tweepi- Put some sanity back into your Twitter account

The make money online for nothing spammers seem to have taken over Twitter these days. I doubt if there is a single one of you that has more than a 100 friends and is still free of those accounts. Tweepi is a very geeky (no terminal for sure) application that will help you prune out the bots from the humans in your stream.
“We created Tweepi out of our own need for some of these scripts. We’re constantly looking to follow quality tweeples, and trying to unfollow deadbeat users. We simply want to do more on Twitter in less time!”
Tweepi gives you various statistics that helps you determine if a particular account is worth following. Some of the stats include number of replies sent and received, number of tweets sent over a give period among others.
It is a free service where you log in with your Twitter credentials via OAuth. I personally used this tool recently to cut down on the number of people I follow because I was beginning to lose track of the real humans in my friends’ list. If like me you want to get rid of those make money for nothing spammers, Tweepi is definitely a tool worth giving a try.

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