5 very useful Facebook applications worth installing right now

Facebook is the necessary evil of today. It is a mediocre product with not so much respect for its “products” which is we the users. But if you have developed friends from all over the world, your best bet for keeping up with them is through Facebook, that is, until there is a better alternative.
The following 5 applications should help you make the most of your time on Facebook
Facebook keeps nagging at you to add friends, but for some very weird reason, there is no way to know which of your “friends” has “defriended” you. This application at any given time will show you a list of people who have defriended you on the network. Very useful for a follow up mail to ask them if you probably offended them in any way whatsoever.
For the marketers, a platform with over 4oo million registered accounts is a goldmine. If you have some products to sell, you might as well do it right on your fan page with this application. “Payvment’s Facebook app gives you everything you need including a full-featured admin area built directly into Facebook to manage your storefront, inventory and sales. Plus, when you launch your Facebook store, your products can be discovered across every storefront on Facebook.”
For writers who want to post their latest to Facebook, there is Networked Blogs, and there is RSS Graffiti. I personally recommend RSS Graffiti for its simplicity and customizability. You can choose how often to the application should check for updates, the level of updates to be posted among others. It is also easier to set up as compared to Networked Blogs.
If you are paranoid like I am on Facebook, this application is for you. “Delivered via the Websense global Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, the Defensio Facebook application provides security and controls to manage what type of content can be posted to personal or commercial Facebook walls.

“With Defensio, users gain superior security against new threats and management and control of content posted within Facebook, on a blog, and on personal or corporate websites.” It has a detailed settings page that helps you take charge of your personal and business profiles on Facebook.

Organizing an event is no small task. This application helps simply the process by publishing events you organize on Eventbrite website to your facebook wall complete with the event page and links to purchase tickets. The application is free to use if your event is free, but a “small” fee is charged per payable admission tickets.
Facebook has a lot of applications for varying purposes, but the above 5 are my best pick for a productive and fruitful time on the service. The very first one I highly recommend you install right now!

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