Did Linux really steal these codes from UNIX?

The long run gamut of infraction between SCO and IBM has all Linux enthusiasts sitting on tenterhooks. According to this Slashdot thread, the PDF embedded below is one of the proofs advanced by SCO to prove their claim that some UNIX code was plagiarized into Linux. Is it true? Take a look and tell me.

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  1. Of course Linux is stolen from Unix. Why is Apple not getting sued for stealing Unix for Leopard at this point??? As with WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) and Linux itself (Linux Is Not UniX) no amount of cutesy naming can sideline the mentality of stealing and renaming that the "open source" community does along with the professional community. Heck, Apple even has the gall to rerelease products from a decade ago and with enough hip advertising, everyone alive during that lifetime will still forget that we all had wifi/wap Palm Pilot web surfing and tablet PCs in 2002.
    Final answer to your question: YES. It was stolen. Apparently only Bell/Xerox can REALLY design an operating system. The rest are Unix derivatives and other crapplications cobbled together from other pieces of code.

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