Digg.com- Digging its grave one power Digger at a time

Digg used to be my favorite place for hanging out. I really love the comments people make on the various stories that get posted there. But for some time now, my fondness of that site has declined.
If I am right, Digg is a service where everyday people like us post and rate stories there, the best ones to be promoted to the front page based on maximum number of votes received.
Now however, Digg is being run by a clique of self styled power diggers who are more or less owners of the site. Unless you are part of these voting blocs, you’ll never see your story make it anywhere on Digg, irrespective of the quality. This got me thinking if Digg is not actually killing itself by virtually killing off any motive to have everyday users like myself and most others out there to frequent the site.
I have no problem with friends helping promote the works of each other, but when it becomes the rule of thumb that you join a power user bloc to have your work promoted on a site that seeks to promote based on fairness and quality, then I can say for certain Digg is headed in the wrong direction.
Kevin Rose seems to be doing his best to bring back life to this rapidly declining social news site. But if I had his ears, I’d tell him to first cut the powers that these so called power users wield before thinking of the redesigning of the site. Copying the concept of Twitter will not save Digg if ordinary users are virtually kept out of the site by its power users.

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