DuckDuckGo- The Open Source based Google alternative

There are only two search engines in this world: there is Google and there is the rest. Google is almost now synonymous with the very word search and has all of us using it tens of times a day.
DuckDuckGo is the new kid on the block that is built on Open Source software. Ubuntu and FreeBSD as the OS, Nginix for server, Memcached for caching, PostgreSQL for database with the primary language being Perl.

Among the strengths touted by the developers of DuckDuckgo are 
  • No tracking- guaranteed privacy.
  • Relevant results- they claim to eliminate over 60m useless sites for some searches.
  • The DuckDuckbot, the name of their crawler, identifies sites automatically without you needing to add your site to their index like Google.
  • Encrypted search using “https”
  • In addition to their DuckDuckbot, they also get their results from “many sources including crowd-sourced sites, BOSS  & Bing.
DDG looks really nice, with clean interface and very relevant results. Just out of curiosity, I entered my first name and the system promptly told me dude, that name could mean an awful lot, try refining it, though it had produced some results pertaining to the name. 
Personally, I find DDG a great effort and deserving of much attention. However, the question that comes to mind immediately is if it has what it takes to be a strong contender to Google. Yes, not overtake but a contender. If you believe just because DDG is built on purely Open Source components and thus will overtake Google, you’d have to think again.
Google is a culture, an attitude, a verb, and has a strong asset in the phrase “Google it.” Instead of aiming to be the Google Killer, I’d rather the DDG developers focus on giving users the maximum experience on the service, focus on building a core userbase that will be loyal to the service in the long run. 
Rather than try to take on the 200 pound gorilla in Mountain View, they should look for weaknesses in the Google search experience and perfect those weaknesses. Why take on the beast when you can nibble at it in small bits?Go on, give the Duck a try right now.

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