The Rising tide of Internet Explorer in Africa

Not quite long after Microsoft signed a MOU with BusyInternet Ghana to provide “security software [that is] the latest internet protective technology developed by Microsoft,” the website of the above mentioned company now boldly displays a banner link to the homepage of IE for download.
In case the BI link above serves you a different page.
 And it’s not just a banner linking to IE, but there is also a giveaway where BI gives you 30 minutes of free browsing for downloading Microsoft’s latest “security software.” Considering the fact that BI is Africa’s largest cybercafe and also a not so insignificant player in the ISP market here in Ghana, I see a very clever move on the part of Redmond to position their browser for a win here.
I know most people use Firefox here for their browsing, but with such aggressive moves on the part of Microsoft, I can foresee a significant drop in its usage unless more is done to create awareness about better alternatives to IE. Microsoft has the money and the clout to pull this off.
They have the lions share here in the desktop OS market through a deliberate silence on the piracy of Windows, now MS is gunning to add IE to its basket. What can we do about it?

3 Replies to “The Rising tide of Internet Explorer in Africa”

  1. After the .lnk exploit, there are not many things we can do, but relax and see lots of computers with winblow$ being infected and turned into zombie machines.
    Unhappily people doesn't learn. So, after each viruses outbreak, there must come another worse. Then, perhaps, people will start to look at that hobbyist operating system with kinder eyes.

  2. I won't say I hope that day is hastened A, but I'll still welcome it nonetheless.

    Sure AC, but what do I have to offer the world other than a few posts of mostly rants and opinions? 🙂

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