Ubuntu Linux could do well betting less on Dell

We are being told that it’s not true that Dell is giving Ubuntu Linux a cold shoulder on its range of machines, and that if anything at all, they are increasing the choice of hardware preloaded with Ubuntu.
For me personally, I don’t buy into corporate media gymnastics. That aside, I think Ubuntu, and for that matter, any Linux vendor that wants to enjoy the OEM preloads should not focus on the big names. The likes of Dell, Acer and the rest. They simply cannot give out their all to get Linux to the masses. That is a wrong strategy if you ask me. Why?
Because those big OEMs have a lot to lose shoulder they anger Microsoft. Like it or not, they are able to sell faster and more of their hardware with Windows installed than with Linux. They’d not want to risk incurring the wrath of Redmond based on that fact alone. And what more could anger Microsoft than offering an alternative to their cash cow?
What I’d suggest the likes of Ubuntu and others do is to work very closely with niche hardware manufacturers like ZaReason and System76. Canonical I know is working with them, but I think they should pay more attention to nurturing the relationship. They could devote the time they give to Dell to these OEMs.
A fact that cannot be denied is that all the heavyweight OEMs are fundamentally Windows oriented. Why place your bet on them when you can actually work with another to help it grow to become a heavyweight Linux oriented OEM? 
Then again, I’d suggest these niche OEMs diversify their advertising methods by engaging as many people as possible. How? They could apply the highly successful Amazon strategy of affiliate marketing. Giving publishers a piece of the action for referring sales to them. I strongly believe this method could go a long way to increase awareness among a very large number of people that Dell and likes are not the only ones capable of piecing together computer hardware.

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