What next will Apple iPhone 4 kill?

The new Apple [insert device here] is going to be a [insert name of competitor, platform, device here] killer. With the release of every iDevice, we have the usual fanboys jumping all over the place telling us how their latest shiny gadget will kill something off.
Well I am just wondering what the new iPhone 4 will kill this time around. Hollywood perhaps, with the its groundbreaking camera, now featuring a front facing lens. Or the theaters with its so called retina display?
I’m eager to learn what is about to die from the blow of the unprecedented and greatest phone ever made by man. Do tell me, what will the new iPhone 4 kill next?

3 Replies to “What next will Apple iPhone 4 kill?”

  1. Yes, The i-pad will be the "netbook killer" and every tablet presented will be the i-pad killer …

    The killer game is sort of a general media tradition …

    Somebody could you explain them that you can sell a product without killing anithing or anybody?

  2. So sad Alex, that the people who use the hypedevices are so oblivious of the people whose sweat is used in producing their shiny toys.

    Maxx, you're right on with your point. The media seems to love sensationalizing what their favorite iDevice will kill.

    And yes, just as Google is interested in making profit without necessarily killing its competitors.

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