Why does Apple have to keep getting all the buzz?

The Evo 4g, the DroidX, and a host of other very powerful phones running Android  have been making headlines for sometime now. That is a good thing. However, something that bogs my mind is why Apple is allowed to almost always steal the buzz with its not so open gizmos?
I started reading about the Evo 4g before the release of the iPhone 4, but after the release of the latter, it seemed there was no other phone again on planet Earth. Almost all the mainstream tech blogs got entranced in some form of iPhone 4 frenzy. 
What I am wondering is why all these handset manufacturers are not able to create so much buzz as does Apple. Why does Uncle Jobs always have to steal all of the buzz? Why does the competition let the iPhone steal the publicity? Why do we have to hear about iPad alternatives running Android *only after* uncle Jobs announces his very shiny toy?
I seriously don’t want to believe the rest of the competition including Google are not capable of blazing the trail and can only follow and produce products in reaction to Apple after the latter has wowed people already.

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  1. In crApple's case, it went from general curiosity to general bashing, because of the antenna blunder… BTW, to have all the press bashing its product, is nowhere near good publicity.

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