Two Sites for Free University Text Books

Almost all over the world, students are either back to school or preparing to do so. With this comes the headache of getting text books for the semester and its attendant costs. For a myriad of reasons, costs of school text books, especially those of higher learning have skyrocketed. If you are looking to cut costs (and who doesn’t anyway?), then the following 2 sites should come in handy.
This site gives you free download access to text books across a wide array of university disciplines. The books are written by university professors specifically for the site supported by “a few in-book ads.” All the books are in PDF format and can be downloaded without registration whatsoever. They also have travel guides available for travelers.
Just like BookBooN, this site also features a wide selection of books across the various university disciplines. However, unlike the above where you get to download the books, this site lets you read online for free. From the site

“Instead of $100 plus, our books are FREE online. It’s that easy. No tricks. No popup ads. No “a premium subscription is needed for that”. In fact, our free online books go beyond what standard print editions provide with integrated audio, video, and interactive features, powerful search capabilities, and more.. Our business model eliminates the catch. We’re giving away great textbooks and making them open because it solves real problems for students and instructors. In so doing, we are creating a large market for our product. We then turn around and sell things of value to that large market.”

In essence, these two sites offer quality standard, university grade books for free. If you are a student, you’d really want to take a look at these sites and get yourself the books you’ve been putting off buying.

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