What would persuade you to ditch Ubuntu for Windows?

I’ve been recently reading this article, on Zack Whittaker’s “iGeneration” blog, about what could persuade an user to abandon Windows and switch to Ubuntu. I had in my own already answered the question years ago since I’m already a Linux and Ubuntu user.

While reading the article it came to my mind the, in some way provocative, idea of reversing the question: what would persuade me to ditch Ubuntu and go back to Windows? What could Microsoft do to gain back users that their operating systems for Linux?

First a little premise, I know that most of us still have Windows installed in a dual boot configuration so the question should be, more precisely, What would persuade you to use windows as your primary operating system. By the way I don’t think this changes a lot the global meaning of what I’m asking.

Let me say I can Imagine a lot of things that could make Windows more attractive from my point of view: Making it Open source, free at least for personal use, removing the useless and annoying registration process or stopping distributing crippled (home, personal, starter) versions. I doubt Microsoft would ever listen to me. Anyway even with such radical changes, that would make Windows more similar to Linux (or BSD to be exact) I wouldn’t go back to Windows simply because Linux already has all these features.

At last the only reason that would return me to Windows would be having no other choice. For example, if I had to use some sort of life-saving application or hardware only available for Windows (OK I admit the therm life-saving is a little too dramatic). Must be noted that the better hardware and software support that Windows has is more a lack of merit by hardware and software producers than a Microsoft merit.

May be that I have very little imagination or I’m very close minded about Windows (or perhaps both). May be that the real strength of Linux is that once you start using it, after the initial difficulties, you aren’t willing to go back fro no reason.

So let me know … What would persuade you to ditch Ubuntu for Windows?

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  1. Well, recently I installed Mandriva 2010 KDE4 in a client's computer. I'm still searching my jaw, which dropped on the floor. Man, KDE 4 is AAAAAmazing!!! And Mandriva managed to get the graphics FX's even on crappy i918 Intel graphics cards.
    Well, I guess this answers your question: At least for me, there's no going back.;-)

  2. You almost got me fooled about ditching Linux, almost. But when you said ditching Linux for Windows I knew it was just a clever joke. LOL. Ditching Linux — for WINDOWS??!!! A good one, a real good one.

  3. I used Ubuntu for years and then ditched it for Windows 7. Windows is light years ahead of Ubuntu. Seriously. Ubuntu is a world of pain, Windows is… just Windows. Most stuff just works fine, and the rest is easy to fix. In Ubuntu, NOTHING works right, and it's a nightmare to fix. I still have Ubuntu on another computer on my network, and the contrast in user experience switching between them is night and day. Ubuntu is a terrible operating system, and I can't believe I wasted years of my life on it.

  4. Sure, indeed winblow$ $even just works. Man, there's a plethora of VIRUSES that just work in $even. Wow, that's a feat Linux will never have. Ohh, I feel bad, ya know, you winloosers have things we, in the penguin side, we'll never have. What else ??? Oh, registry scanning and repairing, hard drive defrag… Sure there are lousy hardware made by backyard companies, and yeah, those hadwares don't work. VIA, SiS, and other obscure manufacturers that only make drivers for windoze machines. But then, it's our duty to reward those serious companies like Nvidia, Intel, AMD, which make their hardware work with Linux. And then, my poor friend, be happy with your $even machine. Until Zeus or Stuxnet get you.

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