Why Every Internet User in the West Must Use Gmail

With an ever increasing number of kids seeing it as a profession worth their time more than school, Gmail might be a handy tool to help combat it. This piece on Myjoyonline caught my attention and got me thinking as to how people from the West, believed to be the most advanced societies of mankind today, can fall for shams from children as young as 17 years from countries like Ghana and Nigeria.
I find it difficult to not believe that people take every mail that lands in their inbox folder as credible, otherwise how can anyone possibly believe any of the superfluous stories that they fall for?

“I work for this rich man in Ghana who died leaving $1,000,000 US in his bank account. He’s got no heirs and so the money lies idle there. To help me get it, please send me your bank credentials, and $50,000 to cover the legal fees required for the transfer after which you and I will get married and enjoy this money happily ever after.”

What hogwash! And then people FALL for such glaringly stupid absurdity. If you are using Gmail, such mails hardly land in your inbox folder thanks to its advanced filtering system. There is no other mail service out there that catches these kind of sham like Gmail.
You might ask why this post. I am a Ghanaian, and it really saddens me to see the name of my country blacklisted by agencies like the FBI for being a top hub in internet fraud or 419 scams, popularly known as Sakawa in local parlance. Just saying you are a Ghanaian sometimes casts a heavy cloud over your head when dealing with people who actually know what your compatriots are capable of.
I have always argued that if people in the West get to be just a little circumspect and mindful of how they ship their hard earned cash to so called girlfriends and business associates down here, this menace to society can be reduced to the barest minimum. And if you ask me, one of the best tools for this is Gmail.

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  1. At least they don't lack entrepreneurial skills. Some of those scams (but far from all) are quite well thought out. Now, put that brainpower to constructive use and you might have something

  2. The biggest spam of which even Gmail is a victim is the $1 million UK lottery winner mail which is really annoying.

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