Can Android be the answer to Nokia’s Problems?

 With a slew of new handsets, Nokia hopes to maintain- and hopefully regain- its position as the most dominant handset brand in the world. With it’s “fight back” strategy, it is clearly pointing its guns at Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platforms.

I have been wondering if it can really succeed against the tide of the two platforms that seem to be causing uncontrollable stir and insomnia to all parties in the industry. Losing 10% market share in just one year to competitors to me sounds like a lot of trouble.

With a resigned CEO and the head of the smartphone division, all is not well with Nokia. What I am actually wondering is, how impossible is it to manufacture Android based devices? Yes Symbian is great, but it looks more like a dying breed to me. Is it at all possible that the two platforms could be marketed side by side to the myriad of markets that Nokia is found in?

Of course it is always easier said than done. But with almost every strategy ever failing to attract the very market that Nokia cannot seem to let go- aka North America- I am firmly convinced Android might help with some magic in winning what the politicians call hearts and minds of our American friends. What do you think?

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