Dear Apple Fanatics, the World is Bigger than America!

There seems to never be an endless Apple (or is it crApple?) fanboism from so called tech bloggers/reporters out there who go out of their way to discredit anything that looks a little bit like competition to anything Jobsian. Nokia has not yet released its N8 phone and already we have articles going up trying desperately to tell the world how crappy the phone is compared to the iPhone (or is it hypePhone?).
Take a look at this piece on the Motley (ahem!) Fool and this on PC World. Is this some form of Apple fanaticism or what? What really amuses me is the myopic view most of these writers take. To them, when we talk of a market, it is a group of buyers and sellers of a given commodity in North America. If it’s outside America, it’s no market. 
Last time I checked, Nokia, even with the current crappy SymbianOS, still has over 40% of the TOTAL smartphone market share around the WORLD. And then too Android has managed to displace the iPhone as the third place platform. So what are these writers telling us? That there is nothing better than the iPhone or what? Or is it some form of addiction to anything that falls off the table of Jobs?
To be honest, it is very funny and sometimes irritating at the same time when you get bombarded over and over with such crappy articles that always tend to think the world is America and America is the world. Please Apple fanatics, we all know Lord Jobs is good at producing very shiny and likable UI, but please spare us the mostly baseless and frantic effort you devote to tearing apart anything that looks the least bit like a decent phone compared to your hypeDevices.

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  1. Reading some cellphone's reviews nowdays it's like reading war bullettins … everboy say that teir part is ever winning and the enemy is already doomed!

    Nokia might be a little back with smartphones (I wonder why they do not jump on Android train …) but they are still at the top with not-so-smart phones that most of people still use.

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