Millennium Development Goals- Another Awesome Joke on the Poor!

The rich countries have always played awesome jokes on the intellect of the poor time and time again. This time around it is through the meme that has been flaunted around so much as the Millennium Development Goals. I so much have no problem with the targets set in as much as I do with the massive fanfare with which it is being received.
I would not go into the economics of why this ‘project’ is a joke. This piece originally tweeted by William Esterly really brings the point home. Forget about aid and all the other philanthropic overtures. Take away the subsidies that have killed the farming businesses of hundreds of thousands of petty farmers in all poor countries, let there be a little fairness in trading between the haves and have-not countries.
“The biggest success story was textile exports from Madagascar to the US – but the US kicked Madagascar out of the AGOA at Christmas 2009. The excuse for this tragic debacle was that Madagascar was failing to make progress on democracy; an odd excuse given the continued AGOA eligibility of Cameroon, where the dictator Paul Biya has been in power for 28 violent years. Angola, Chad and even the Democratic Republic of the Congo are also still in. The Madagascan textile industry, meanwhile, has collapsed.”
These so called goals that are purportedly  in the interest of the poor are just another way to soothe the conscience of the rich countries who knowingly, willingly and with the connivance of some greedy few who are supposed to be on the look out for the poor have inflicted so much harm on the unsuspecting masses. There is no better way to take a person out of poverty than to create the conducive atmosphere for them to be able to run their own small business.
In Ghana for instance, when you try to set up a business, you suddenly realize how the entire system is against your noble course. Talk of fees, levies, licensing fees, permit fees, regulatory fees, name any kind of fees and evil, state sanctioned extortion, it will be thrown your way. What all these MDG pundits and noise makers forget is that the achievement of these ‘goals’ will automatically be achieved when people are given the opportunity to fish on their own.
Aid was not, is not and cannot be the answer to the overwhelming majority of mankind that is wallowing in knee-grinding, abject poverty. There should be fair trade, remove those subsidies, let the poor countries themselves cut down on their mostly needless and egotistic bureaucracies, let the poor countries not focus hard earned resources on running their mostly large, greedy and highly ineffective governments. Then finally, let these poor countries themselves work together and invest like there’s no tomorrow in technology and education.
MDGs are a joke, a big one for that matter on the lives of the already desperate people who struggle to get even a Dollar a day to live by. Spare us the noise. You all know what to do!.

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  1. Well said! 2015 will come and these goals will not be accomplished. Then they'll become 2025 goals, then 2055 goals, then 2300 goals!

    Reduce aid, get governments to start caring about their citizens and not kick-backs, encourage free markets, and let the poor create businesses.

    Just because people are poor, it doesn't mean they are worthless or stupid. In fact, a lot of the world's poor WANT to succeed. Let them have the chance.

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