Your Internet- Should Internet Explorer Get its Way!

I have always had a certain mistrust of Microsoft, not just because it is too “evil” but also because if it had it’s way, it’d cripple the entire internet as we know it. Should you wake up tomorrow and realize Internet Explorer 9 has now annihilated both Firefox and Google Chrome, this is how your internet would look like.
First off all sites will only display a message telling you how you need to view it via IE9. Then when you hop over to download IE9 and are unfortunate to be using XP, you’d be told to switch to 7. That will require you to shell out some cash. With XP still being the dominant OS version out there, that would mean heaps of upgrade cash for Redmond.
If you need one more reason to use a better browser like Firefox or Google Chrome, it is that IE must be denied the majority share at all cost. In any case, of what good is that browser other than to fire it up to download a better one?

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