Dear Steve Ballmer, why not fight Android like a Champ?

My friend calls him Steve “I’ll fcuking kill Google” Ballmer. And I think he is right. Microsoft has been rattling the saber at Android in the last week, demanding patent payment for all Android phones. To say this is an absurd claim is being very gentle. 
There’s one reason I can think of Microsoft going after Android- to scare handset makers away from the platform and possibly onto its own Windows Phone 7. It seems the Microsoft of 20 years ago is still the same old one we have. No change whatsoever. 
What Uncle Ballmer does not get is that the times have changed. There is a rising tide called change that is sweeping all stagnant companies aside, and no amount of saber rattling and lawsuits will save any firm that does not change. Ask Nokia.
My piece of advice to Mr. Ballmer is this, rather than adopt the same old strategy of scare mongering of potential Android users, why not bring out your WinPhone 7 and let the market decide. If it is any better than Google’s, the handset makers will willingly run to you in their numbers. 
The days when you could get a stranglehold of users through insidious agreements with OEMs to shove your mostly crapware down our throats are gone. There is a tide riding through the tech industry, and unless you adjust your strategy, you might get hit very hard.

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