Live Blogging From the 2010 edition of Barcamp Accra

Today the 2 Oct is the day for the Accra edition of Barcamp. I am going to be keeping the world updated with what is happening at the event being held at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology here in Accra.
Panel Members: Derydean Dadzie(DreamOval), Esi Cleland(Afrochic), Esi Ansah(Axis Human Capital) and Sika Acolatse(Enablis) introducing themselves.
Derydean Dadzie, a product of Ashesi University College and now CEO of  DreamOval talks about how he got to start his niche software development company.
“I started to have the idea to run my own business way back in class two when I was selling ‘meat pie’ for my mom.”
Esi Cleland of Afrochic talks about how she started her clothing design business.
“It started off for me when I went to Woodin and could hardly find what I really wanted . That is where I got the idea that something was amiss. Our dream was to become H&M but way cooler.”
Don’t get fixated on a business plan, or better still, just do!
Current discussion is centered around raising funds for your dreams.
Esi Cleland: “Funds for Afrochic came from our own sources.”
Forget about extravagance, a fixation with luxury offices and expensive edifices. Always go the simple and affordable way
Some challenges faced during starting businesses include the cost of power, internet service and loyal employees.
Treat customers like partners in your business. They your future.
First session break. Acknowledging sponsors
Google, Busyinternet, SkyDigital
Session on break with  socialization taking place. I can see some Google Africa reps here. I hope to speak to them later.
Second panel discussion about to start. MC duties now taken over by Estelle Sowah of Google Ghana.
Theme of second discussion is Overcoming your wealth creation challenges

Starting a business is very challenging, especially in our context as Ghanaians and Africans. However, having a plan really helps.Financing is one of the biggest hurdles to starting businesses.

To attract investment into your business, you must be wiling to invest in it yourself. Look out for angel investors and venture capitalists. Brand yourself to position yourself to attracting investors into your business. Sika Acolatse

There is no better advice to starting your own business than  listening to yourself.

Current discussion is centered around registering a business with the registrar  general’s department. 

Advertising is a critical piece in the success of any business. You should consider cost effective ad methods like adwords or other PPC based advertising to get your business onto the international scale. Eve Andersen, a Googler based in Argentina who is also here with us.

A new payment method for Google Adsense publishers in Ghana coming up soon. In the meantime, Intercontinental Bank Ghana Ltd is the fastest way to clear Google Adsense checks. Estelle Sowah

Yoofi Grant of Databank Ghana gets onto the panel table. Apologizing for coming late.

Yoofi talks about the concept of wealth creation.

Thanks to the colonial mindset, wealth creation has never been engraved in our subconscious. Ideas are cheap, applying them are difficult.

Know yourself well and know what you are capable of doing. Do not be a square peg in a round hole.

Don’t just start anything, try to do better than the next guy sitting by you. Be passionate about your ideas and don’t fear to share your ideas with people you can trust.

Don’t expect to be spoon fed. You would have to do the hard work.

Someone just asked what goes into branding.

Branding starts with you the individual. You need to learn and know more.

Time for lunch.

Different group sessions are being held with different topics for discussion. 

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