MeeGO- Nokia’s Neglected Answer?

For most people, there is the iPhone and then Android. Nokia is always a distant away in their minds. And let’s face it, the finish company simply failed to take full advantage of it’s dominance and believed it was too big to be challenged.
It’s now paying the price in the form of the uphill task it faces in taking on both the iOS and Android platforms. To be honest, there is no way Nokia is going to ever sustain its share in the smartphone market with Symbian. I have been a lifelong user of that platform and the first time I used an Android phone, I suddenly felt how old, crappy and simply ugly my Symbian OS looked. Even veteran Symbian users like my friend here are jumping ship to Android.
But all hope is not lost. There is MeeGo, a real Linux OS for smartphones. As to why Nokia has not put in the necessary investment (from where I sit) into fast-tracking the commercialisation of MeeGo devices, I cannot tell. But to understand the power of this platform, check out the video below which demos the N900 running WebOS games without the need to boot into any other OS.
MeeGo, I strongly believe, is Nokia’s answer that has been neglected for far too long. Please bring on the penguin Nokia!

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