6 Replies to “Why They Switched Back to Microsoft Office”

  1. I really though we were finished with this sort of propaganda, *disappointed*.

    Dear Microsoft. Advertisement is about telling people why they should buy your product, not why they shouldn't by someone else's.

    Imagine this was Toyota dissing Wolkswagen…

  2. sounds like they were paid to inconvenience themselves. who installs software on a large scale without training and tutorials?!!
    They would have been told how the two products are different!

  3. I'm Brazilian… sorry my English.
    Choose two people who have never used Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.
    Teach one of the software for one of the people. After they have been adapted
    with the interface, features, and are already well accustomed to the software
    chosen for them, move people around. Give OpenOffice to the person who used MSOffice and vice versa. Tell me the results.
    IT professionals are not alienated and are not solely dependent
    Microsoft. If they are, are stupid and incompetent.

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