Windows Phone 7- A Blackberry Headache

Redmond has officially [re]entered the smartphone battle with Windows Phone 7. From the videos of it that I have seen, it looks very well polished and more like it’s from Google or Apple than Microsoft. A lot of the usual killer soothsayers are already telling us how the WinPhone 7 will kill the iPhone (yikes!).
From where I sit, I honestly do think RIM will be the one to be on the look out for WinPhone7. For a long time, Blackberry has been the preferred choice for enterprise customers. However, with the tight integration between its various enterprise products and services and the phone, coupled with its dominance of the enterprise desktop, RIM has a battle at hand.
Of course, WinPhone7 is not only about work, there is the Xbox integration aspect which will send gamers reeling with joy. In all honesty, WinPhone7 is packed with features and is very well polished. 
But I don’t expect it to make any significant dent in both the domains of Android and iPhone. It is going to woo those who are still undecided and Blackberry users in my opinion. RIM, you are officially warned. Microsoft, well done for bringing something worthwhile to the table!

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