Has Google Become Too Stagnant?

Google, the most enigmatic company on the web, seems to be stagnating gradually. A careful look at the company over the course of this year paints the picture of a hugely successful behemoth that is becoming a victim of its own massive greatness.

The last time Google released something really groundbreaking was Gmail, if I remember right. Of course since then, they’ve cobbled up other small companies to add their own midas touch to make those companies hugely successful Google products, Youtube readily comes to mind here. However, even that strategy does not look to have worked for Mountain View this year given the 23 or so acquisitions.

The best product from Google this years is… well I can’t see any. They tried Buzz, which looks to have been left to its own faith. Over here in Africa, they’ve just introduced Baraza, a service that I honestly think could have just been plugged into Vark. Even the latest Google TV is struggling really hard to take off thanks to content owners blocking the service.

Of course you may see things otherwise, that notwithstanding however, Google is gradually taking way too long to release new products with the wow effect. Again, I concede to the fact that Google is in itself a huge productivity suit that gets the work done alright. But, with the current pace and slew of new startups that we see everyday, Google better start being Google or be ready to be given a run for its huge cash. 

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